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 SignFab (UK) Ltd achieves full C E Certification


CE Marking of load bearing steel structures became mandatory in all Member States throughout the European Union and the European Economic Area from 1st July 2014.

CE Marking is mandatory for all construction products, covered by a harmonised European standard or conforming to a European Technical Assessment for fabricated structural steel work. This represents a major development for steel work specialists and has presented several challenges for SignFab (UK) Ltd in complying with the regulations and striving to be awarded the accreditation.


What are the benefits?

CE, welder, trade signs, signfabIt offers transparency and peace of mind about the quality of product and workmanship you will receive and provides trace-ability on the products and processes used. All the welders at SignFab (UK) Ltd have completed the necessary standard of training and have been awarded certificates to the new CE standards.

Supporting steel structures are welded to these new standards and every structure will be certified to the BS EN 1090 – 1:2009 Table B1 up to execution Class 2.

This will give all our customers who are looking for extra reassurance of quality, accountability and compliance to the satisfaction that their products are fit for purpose within the European community.

As ever, SignFab (UK) Ltd are committed to giving our customers the highest form of quality and reassurance when manufacturing signs of all types and sizes. In achieving this standard it clearly demonstrates our beliefs and desire to better ourselves as individuals and as a company.

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