Building Work at SignFab (UK) to increase Productivity & Quality

For those of you who are familiar with SignFab (UK) Ltd you will know that our home in Leicester is a forever changing environment, as we continually improve our working environment.

We are coming to the end of our latest redevelopment programme, which has seen us increase the size of our sales office, add new management office and add a large training room to our first floor.

Everything we do, is designed to increase productivity thusly improving service for you, our clients.

Operations Director, Mike Smith says “SignFab UK have been listening to customers and working a strategy to increase the quality of the products and service we provide to give the end user the products they deserve, expansion work on the offices in Leicester is well under way which will give more space to expand the sales team and to accommodate a bigger and better Management structure to help drive the quality of service and products into 2018 and beyond…”

“2018 will be an exciting year with investments ear marked throughout the business to help make Signfab UK the leader in quality and service though out the industry.”

We know from feedback, that we need to improve the speed in which we return quotes to our clients, this is why we have added two new sales account managers to our Sales team, and increased the floor space of the office to allow for further growth.

We have also made improvements to managerial offices, adding space for our growing production management and operations management teams.

Why not see our redevelopment for yourself, and visit SignFab on a Free Factory Tour? Spend time with Operations Director, Mike Smith on a technical tour of our 40,000 square foot facility, finding out about everything from legislative requirements of the BSEN 1090, to the conditions our signs are manufactured to withstand.

To book your place, click here.

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