Growing your Own!

Our ongoing philosophy of promoting from within continues at a rate of knots, proof if needed with the recent Directors appointments.

We encourage each and every member of staff to reach for the stars and actively look to push them onto bigger and better roles within the company structure from the moment they arrive, in many cases as a trainee, a large number of whom have been with the Company since its conception in 2001.

This method of “growing your own” has proved very successful throughout the business in not only ensuring long-term continuity in our members of staff but also having reassurance for ourselves and our customers alike that the correct training is received by all to SignFab’s high standards. This though has been illustrated perfectly nowhere better than with our Departmental Supervisors. Each Supervisor has gone through his education within their specific area before reaching this level, meaning no one is better equipped to run their department, than the Supervisor.

We are proud to give each employee this opportunity to fore fill their potential.

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