Expert Roundup: SignFab always Deliver

We have over the last 17 years, developed our outstanding delivery service to new heights, catering for the many different dispatch methods to effectively service our diverse client base.

We have a fleet of 9 vehicles (5 of them photographed above) focused on providing the highest quality door to door service for you. We even deliver under plain cover direct to your customer, should that be your requirement.

Our dispatch team offer a number of different methods to ensure your sign reaches is end destination, these include;

  • Free delivery service*
  • Free timed delivery option where possible
  • Customer Collection
  • Overnight courier delivery
  • Registered post
  • Designated Courier Collection
  • Hiab deliveries for large items such as Totems

Our free delivery service* works on our main routes, UK only. When a delivery is totally off-route, a charge maybe applicable. Full terms and conditions are on our website.

SignFab’s fleet includes 5 Luton’s vans, 2 long wheel base and 2 extra long wheel base vans to cater to all your needs.

Customer Service within our dispatch team, is as important as with every department at SignFab (UK) Limited. SignFab have recently launched our ‘Going the Extra Mile’ campaign, where we have promoted the fact that delivery drivers now inform all our customers to when their delivery is due, in real-time. We believe this real-time update, will relieve those waiting around unnecessarily for deliveries.

Communication is king at SignFab, we want to keep you up to date at all times on the progress of your orders. We have listened to your feedback, and we now provide bi-weekly updates every Wednesday and Friday from our Production Manager, Ashley Hall on any job you have currently in the SignFab production schedule.

In the last two years, our Dispatch team and systems have been totally reformed, adding a Team Leader role to assist the current Supervisor within the department as well as in house training to all staff ensuring all are multi-skilled. This means that when the vans are loaded, they are done so in a way where the team respect the signs, and not only that but have a knowledge of signage too.

 Knowing you’re in safe hands is core to our business.

Expert Round up: Letter Making and Artwork

This week’s #expert round-up focuses on giving some artwork pointers ensuring your design (or your clients design) is actually use-able.

Adam, our CAD supervisor works closely with his team of 8 CAD operators to ensure your artwork meets the criteria to ensure we can physically fabricate. We know from our #experience and #knowledge that the two main hang-ups when it comes to artwork are concerned are #fixings, and #stroke-widths.

Flat cut letters, with studs on the rear pose a problem for our CAD team, and indeed our fabricators when the actual letter stroke width is below 5mm thick, as the equipment we use to apply the stud requires a thickness of above 5mm. When this does occur, our CAD team liaise closely with your dedicated Account manager to communicate with you the options for you. This could be either to change the material, or to consider a different approach such as achieving the same detailed effect by using double sided VHB tape or even vinyl. If in doubt of you have any questions, please ask at

Similar to flat cut letters, very small built-up letters with a return need to be carefully considered. The biggest issue we face with this particular construction is ensuring our team of letter makers can physically get inside the letter to build and then solder the return to the face. Let’s take a look at the letter making provision at SignFab (UK) Ltd

Our letter department is the largest in the UK, with the capacity for 12 letter makers to be working at once, creating indivually hand crafted letters. Steve, our Production Director states that we can create built up letters from as small as 50mm to a recent project that had letters over 5.7m in height. We pride ourselves on not using automatic letter benders, or other automated solutions, instead we steadfastly believe our #bespoke is best mantra.

We specialise in creating a product that fits your needs, never presenting you with a catalogue of what we can do, but producing what you need to win the job.

Here are just a few of the different types of letters we manufacture in house:

  • Flat Cut letters are traditionally the most cost effective way to promote a company’s name or brand. Available with a very broad range of colours and materials, from foamex to acrylics, aluminium composite, aluminium, stainless or even mild steel and many more.
  • Built up flat face, an alternative to the above which gives that more impressive 3D look to your lettering.
  • Halo illuminated, is achieved by directing the light to the rear of the built up letters giving  the effect of a ‘glow’ around the outside edge of the letter, leaving the face is dark by comparison.
  •  Trough letters have a built up return with either a full or alternatively partially recessed face. They can be non-illuminated or lit in a variety of ways including our latest method, cabochon bulbs.
  • Rim and Return Built-Up letters are historically the preferred route of all face illuminated letters. Combining a feature finished face bead & full depth return allows for a visually effective contrast of an illuminated acrylic face, combined with the coated or natural stainless steel element of the letter casing.
  • Rimless Built-Up letters are becoming increasingly popular, they enable us to supply letters that can incorporate a totally full face illumination. A good alternative to Rim and Return.
  • Bevelled Edge Built-Up letters are predominantly thought of as the most prestigious letters produced within the sign industry. We can use either the traditional method of manufacture or utilise our latest 3D software, dependent on the size and type of lettering involved.

We took a quick straw poll in our #production office; Our Production Manager, Ashley particularly likes the vast variety but simplicity of built-up flat face letters whilst Alan, our Installation Manager is a big fan of the ever impressive bevelled edge letters. Lastly Adam, our Production Support Manager prefers the subtle but eye catching halo illuminated. How do you like yours?


Making it Happen at SignFab (UK) Ltd

We are proud to host the Make it Happen education programme days at SignFab (UK) Ltd. The days are a great introduction to newbies to the industry, or to top up your knowledge of signage or to simply find out more about the latest developments in products.

When you visit SignFab on a ‘Make it Happen’ education programme day you will be welcomed by our Operations Director, Mike, our Sales Office Manager, Julie and our Marketing & Business Development Manager, James. During the day you will tour our factory, get the chance to meet our fabricators, get up close and personal with our products and see why SignFab really is the #homeoftradesignage.

Our next available dates are;

  • 14th June
  • 12th July

The education programme is fully accredited with CPD points, so why not book your place with Sam and the team today by emailing Read more about the programme by visiting

We would love to welcome you to our site, meet our amazing staff and see our quality products and services.

The SignFab commitment is simple, “it’s to you is to keep you at the core of our business, providing you with the best quality, reliability, and service at all times, with professionalism, transparency and accountability.

Our philosophy is, and always will be to maintain the confidential nature of our business.

Expert Round up: Risk & Method Statements (RAMs)

Risk & Method Statements (RAMs) are a vital part of a safely installed sign, here at SignFab (UK) Ltd our in-house Health & Safety Manager, Jason Standley and our Installation Manager, Alan Hill work closely with clients to assist them in fully understanding their specific projects.

We use the word a lot in modern society, but what actually is a Risk Assessment. Jason, our Health and Safety Manager sheds some light on it; “A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have enough precautions or whether you should do more.”

Jason continues to tell us that “a method statement varies differently from a Risk Assessment, the method statement “describes in a logical sequence exactly how a job is to be carried out in a safe manner and without risks”. Method Statements are of most use to higher-risk, complex or unusual work, such as signage projects

Let’s have a look at some examples of how producing a sound Risk and Method statement can really help you, and your clients;

  • You are commissioned to install a totem sign, at a retail park. You work with your team, and undertake the necessary groundworks. During the groundwork taking place, you strike a sewage pipe, leading to unexpected costs resulting in £1,000s of damage to you and your reputation. Taking time to undertake a Risk and Method Statement (RAMs) would have identified this potential risk, with suitable actions being taken.
  • You are commissioned to install a sign across the side of a warehouse, you undertake a survey and identify that you need a lifting platform. The Risk and Method Statement (RAMs) showed that if you used the lifting platform you identified, it would block 4 fire exits in the warehouse. Undertaking a Risk and Methods Statement (RAMs) would have highlighted the need of using a different type of access equipment.

It’s okay, you’re not alone when you hear the word, risk assessment or method statement the average sign maker gets a chill-down their spine, but that doesn’t have to be the case, our in-house team of business professionals and sign makers are here to help you.

Alan, our Installation Manager will work closely with you to understand your needs, and expectations.

Contact us today to find out more, and the costs involved.

Always Safe, Always Secure, Always SignFab

SignFab (UK) Ltd have been re-accredited the Safe Contractor for 2018/2019 award by Alcumus. We ensure at all times we keep clients safe, and within working and current legislation.

Mike Smith, Operations Director commented;

“It is imperative that Signfab understands the needs of the industry and to ensure that the end user and the public are always in a safe domain when installation crews are at work, health and safety and safe contractor are paramount”

By SignFab (UK) Ltd having the award, it means that we have an excellent health and safety system in place, with upto date policies meeting legal requirements.
Knowing that SignFab hold the award gives you, and your clients the peace of mind that we can demonstrate the health and safety compliance, quality and service excellence you expect from us.

Jason Standley, Health & Safety Manager added;

“As the UK’s market leading trade sign supplier, we want to demonstrate to our clients that we are Health and Safety compliant and the quickest and easiest way to do this is to hold a formal accreditation which is independently assessed.”

Make it Happen success at SignFab (UK) Ltd

SignFab (UK) Ltd work closely with independent training consultant ‘Make it Happen’ to provide industry relevant practical and theoretical training to help close the skills gap in the signage industry.

SignFab (UK) Ltd hosts monthly ‘Make it Happen’ sessions at our home in Leicester. The one day courses are a whistle-stop tour through the sign industry, covering every possible type of signage solution, new product developments, and installation methods.

The education sessions are delivered by Make it Happen Director, Sam Armstrong. Sam’s 17 year career in the signage makes her well placed to instruct novices and well established sign makers on how to get the best possible results The day is full of handy hints ‘n’ tips, along with do’s and don’ts.

“When I first introduced the Make it Happen programme I wanted to ensure that a value was put upon fabricated and illuminated signage.”

“Holding the programme at SignFab (UK) Ltd allows us to demonstrate first-hand the full processes all under one roof. This allows the delegates to see first hand why for example a built up letter has a certain cost, as we see how its been hand fabricated, with the miniature ovens and irons. The perception is you press the order button, often not knowing the process involved, yet if you know that the letter has taken 45 minutes to build suddenly creates that value!”

“The facility of having all equipment under one roof is a real rarity, therefore making my role as the facilitator far easier.”

Sam Armstrong, Director (Make it Happen)

Previous delegates from the course have told us that they think day works well as the theory discussed in the training session is brought to life on the technical factory tour with Operations Director, Mike Smith. Delegates on the training days are shown around the facility, which includes viewing the laser in action, breaking out and talking to fabricators in the letter workshop, following the paint track through its processes and observing assembly operatives creating final products.

We believe the tour gives the day great added value, allowing you to get up close and personal with our fabricators, demonstrating their skills and craftsmanship.

The day also includes a question and answer session on our Installation service with Installation Manager, Alan Hill.

“It has been a pleasure to welcome to SignFab (UK) Ltd so many delegates from the Sign industry to take a tour of our impressive site, the feedback I get and the surprised admiration we receive from the delegates is second to none, from the teachings of “Make it happen” to the final assembly in the factory I am yet to see a negative from any delegate.”

“It is also becoming apparent that the educational days are helping clients understand the SignFab (UK) Ltd process which helps in quoting and turning the quotes into orders in a timely manner.”

Mike Smith, Operations Director (SignFab (UK) Ltd)

The following dates are available at SignFab (UK) Ltd for Make it Happen training in March, April & May 2018;

  • 14th March
  • 10th & 19th April
  • 23rd & 24th May

The days cost £150 (plus VAT) which includes refreshments and lunch.
To book your place today, contact the Make it Happen team here.


Building Work at SignFab (UK) to increase Productivity & Quality

For those of you who are familiar with SignFab (UK) Ltd you will know that our home in Leicester is a forever changing environment, as we continually improve our working environment.

We are coming to the end of our latest redevelopment programme, which has seen us increase the size of our sales office, add new management office and add a large training room to our first floor.

Everything we do, is designed to increase productivity thusly improving service for you, our clients.

Operations Director, Mike Smith says “SignFab UK have been listening to customers and working a strategy to increase the quality of the products and service we provide to give the end user the products they deserve, expansion work on the offices in Leicester is well under way which will give more space to expand the sales team and to accommodate a bigger and better Management structure to help drive the quality of service and products into 2018 and beyond…”

“2018 will be an exciting year with investments ear marked throughout the business to help make Signfab UK the leader in quality and service though out the industry.”

We know from feedback, that we need to improve the speed in which we return quotes to our clients, this is why we have added two new sales account managers to our Sales team, and increased the floor space of the office to allow for further growth.

We have also made improvements to managerial offices, adding space for our growing production management and operations management teams.

Why not see our redevelopment for yourself, and visit SignFab on a Free Factory Tour? Spend time with Operations Director, Mike Smith on a technical tour of our 40,000 square foot facility, finding out about everything from legislative requirements of the BSEN 1090, to the conditions our signs are manufactured to withstand.

To book your place, click here.

Growing your Own!

Our ongoing philosophy of promoting from within continues at a rate of knots, proof if needed with the recent Directors appointments.

We encourage each and every member of staff to reach for the stars and actively look to push them onto bigger and better roles within the company structure from the moment they arrive, in many cases as a trainee, a large number of whom have been with the Company since its conception in 2001.

This method of “growing your own” has proved very successful throughout the business in not only ensuring long-term continuity in our members of staff but also having reassurance for ourselves and our customers alike that the correct training is received by all to SignFab’s high standards. This though has been illustrated perfectly nowhere better than with our Departmental Supervisors. Each Supervisor has gone through his education within their specific area before reaching this level, meaning no one is better equipped to run their department, than the Supervisor.

We are proud to give each employee this opportunity to fore fill their potential.

A team focused on quality

The SignFab (UK) Ltd Senior Management Team has been structured to allow us to closely focus on the quality of our products, and the excellent service we deliver. Our mission is the same as it has always been to ensure we keep you our valued clients at the core of our business, providing you with quality, reliable, and safe products at all times, with professionalism, transparency and accountability.

We take quality control seriously at SignFab, making it an integral part of every step involved manufacturing your signage. Operators, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and Directors are all responsible for ensuring products leave SignFab in immaculate condition, always meeting your requirements.

Steve, Mike and Paul reviewing a project in our Metal Department

Operations Director, Mike Smith said, “Quality products are at the forefront of any business whether purchasing products or manufacturing products, and every sector is striving to increase their quality awareness with customer demands.”

We have a theory that we should always assume a product is wrong, in order to produce it right. When a product moves from department to department it’s checked, and double checked to ensure it meets the specification before work takes place.

SignFab is focused on driving customer service and quality, to deliver our customers’ expectations.

Our dedicated After Sales Customer Care Manager ensures satisfaction at all stages.

Top Safety Accreditation Awarded to SIGNFAB (UK) LTD!

Official Press Release:

Local business SIGNFAB (UK) LTD has been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace.

Alcumus SafeContractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises extremely rigorous standards in health and safety management amongst contractors. It is used by thousands of organisations in the UK including SMEs and FTSE 100 companies.

Employing over 150 people, SIGNFAB (UK) LTD is principally involved in the trade sign manufacture sector, specialising in the metal and welding industries, with an £8 million turnover.

The company’s application for SafeContractor accreditation was driven by the need to remain at the forefront of its industry and be a sector leader in manufacturing practises and techniques. SafeContractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to win new contracts and offer its customers the peace of mind they have grown to rely on over the last 15 years. Its commitment to safety will be viewed positively by its insurers when the company liability policy is up for renewal.

Gemma Archibald, Director of Alcumus SafeContractor said:

“Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place.”

“More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that SIGNFAB (UK) LTD has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector. SafeContractor plays a vital role in supporting our clients in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process.”

Carl Hodgson – Managing Director for SIGNFAB (UK) LTD says:

“The regulations and qualifications required to work within our industry are getting ever more stringent and with good reason. The sign industry has been on the periphery of other sectors who have adopted these regulations many years ago and we as the number one trade sign manufacturer in the UK, need to be seen to be leading by example. That is why we took steps to be the very first to qualify for the CE welding certification for all of our onsite welders and now we have raised the bar even higher by becoming a registered SafeContractor. This will give our customers and in turn their own end users the real peace of mind that work carried out at SIGNFAB (UK) LTD is the highest quality in the industry and safe to be installed. All rigorous safety processes have been implemented and we hope that our customers welcome the pioneering stance we have taken and make full use of its benefits.”


For further information, contact:

Jason Standley – Health & Safety Officer

0116 261 0104 – Byford Rd, Leicester LE4 0DG