A team focused on quality

The SignFab (UK) Ltd Senior Management Team has been structured to allow us to closely focus on the quality of our products, and the excellent service we deliver. Our mission is the same as it has always been to ensure we keep you our valued clients at the core of our business, providing you with quality, reliable, and safe products at all times, with professionalism, transparency and accountability.

We take quality control seriously at SignFab, making it an integral part of every step involved manufacturing your signage. Operators, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and Directors are all responsible for ensuring products leave SignFab in immaculate condition, always meeting your requirements.

Steve, Mike and Paul reviewing a project in our Metal Department

Operations Director, Mike Smith said, “Quality products are at the forefront of any business whether purchasing products or manufacturing products, and every sector is striving to increase their quality awareness with customer demands.”

We have a theory that we should always assume a product is wrong, in order to produce it right. When a product moves from department to department it’s checked, and double checked to ensure it meets the specification before work takes place.

SignFab is focused on driving customer service and quality, to deliver our customers’ expectations.

Our dedicated After Sales Customer Care Manager ensures satisfaction at all stages.

LUMAIRE super slimline trough light is here!



*super simple pricing includes driver(s), any RAL colour and brackets. It does not include VAT or delivery although FREE delivery is available – see our delivery terms here


POLARIS – from £65/m** up to 4m sections – standard or custom length brackets

SIRIUS – from £85/m** up to 4m sections – standard or custom length brackets

3 year warranty included


Lighting depth will vary depending on ambient light and surface finish of sign.

Illumination depths are for guide only.

**Rounded UP to next meter e.g. 7.2m = 8m