3D Built Up Letters

*Image used by permission

Visually, these are a very competitive way of promoting a 3D presentation of any lettering signage. When a variety of letter depths are used to give varying effects, the texts can give a striking effect and give excellent contrast to any background they are fitted to. Due to us having the largest in house letter making department within the sign trade, these signs can be produced working to very quick lead times at very competitive prices; giving you the opportunity to give a rapid turnaround to your customers.

Halo Illumination is achieved by sending all of the light to the rear of the built up letter. This gives the effect of a 'glow' around the outside edge of the letter and the face is dark by comparison.


   Halo built up letters, A B C     Halo built up letter, B    Halo built up letter, B A


Bevelled Edge Built-Up letters are predominantly thought of as the most prestigious letters produced within the sign industry - normally purchased by the most discerning customers looking to give a highly prestigious first impression.

Having made sizeable investments in our software & cutting facilities, we are able to offer bevelled edge built up letters to a very high quality standard BUT also to a cost effective budget.


Bevelled edge return letters, trade signs, signfab


Your customers will be very surprised just how competitively priced these letters can be supplied by us, allowing you to benefit from greater margins, with the added perception of supplying a very high class product at prices nobody else can compete with.

Face-lit letters are self explanatory. They have the LED's mounted onto a metal or foamex backtray and then the letters are flush mounted to the wall so that all of the light is forced through the face of the letters.

Various colours are easily achieved by using a translucent coloured vinyl. Please contact us if you would like an idea of what colours are available.

Rim and Return Built-Up letters are historically the preferred route of all face illuminated letters. Combining a feature finished face bead & full depth return allows for a visually effective contrast of an illuminated acrylic face, combined with the coated or natural stainless steel element of the letter casing.
We now offer the popular low voltage IP 67 RATED LED. Always a firm favourite on the high steet, retail park or indeed prestigious office units. These letters will be at the fore front of illuminated letters for many years to come. Now you can have them produced at excellent trade prices, meeting exacting standards and tight lead times.

Rimless Built-Up letters are becoming increasingly popular, they enable us to generally supply small letters that can incorporate full face illumination, using IP 67 RATED LED SYSTEM. This construction is finding itself being used in a variety of applications, predominantly on the high street.


Flat Cut letters are traditionally the most cost effective way to promote a company's name or brand. Now available with a very broad range of colours and materials, from foamex to acrylics, aluminium composite, aluminium and stainless steel. In a very competitive market we are able to use either our laser or router cutting facilities and these signs can be produced to very high standards whilst meeting your budget.