Education & Training

SignFab (UK) Ltd are committed to education and training in the workplace, to ensure the highest quality products are manufactured, and the best possible service is delivered.

We value the skillset of each member of the team, and encourage staff members  continually to develop their skills through training programmes, shadowing schemes and online learning.

We believe effectively training our employees allows us to build on our success

We offer a wide selection of optional training courses, which are available via our Online Learning Portal, which covers topics such as dealing with violence and aggression, to how to identify stress and the management of contractors. In total we offer over 200 courses, which can be complete by staff at any time. Staff members receive certificates and acknowledgement for all training undertaken

In addition to our Online Learning Portal, staff receive face to face training from professionally accredited members of staff and external providers such as ACAS.

We provide extensive role relevant training from day 1  with staff members undertaking a selection of the below courses;

We proactively spot, recognise and nurturer r talent at SignFab (UK) Ltd, and provide opportunities for staff members to progress.

Our recent training, delivered by ACAS was attended by all supervisors and team leaders, and focused on Essential Skills for Line Managers. It covered how to effectively communicate, how to organise objectives and how to motivate team members.

Following this training session a number of team leaders where given the opportunity to act-up as supervisors for a week, to enhance their knowledge and to demonstrate what they learnt.

Our training schemes, are all designed with one goal. To increase the quality and service we provide to you, our clients.

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