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From January 2018, SignFab (UK) Ltd are proud to announce our new Senior Management Team.

Carl Hodgson and Paul Bartholomew have moulded the direction of SignFab (UK) Ltd since its conception in 2001, with both now having accrued over 30 years each of sign experience and knowledge. The company has grown at an astonishing rate, employing 140 staff and becoming the market leader in the manufacture of trade signs in the UK.

The new SignFab structure concentrates on you - our clients - providing a dynamic management team focused on customer service excellence and high-quality production.

Carl has now moved into the role of Chairman, having a strategic view and financial oversight of the company. He will be ensuring we are continually meeting the needs of the sector.

Paul has stepped into the Managing Director role. He is totally responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, supported by our two new Directors and supporting management teams.

Paul commented “to be announced as Managing Director of Signfab, illustrates yet again one of the company’s main objectives of promoting from within. It is something we are very proud of and will continue to do in all areas. I look forward to many improvements during 2018 and beyond, many of which have already been identified and aim to ensure both our existing and new customers feel the benefits of these changes with immediate effect.

Mike Smith will be moving into the role of Operations Director, taking responsibility for the management of departments such as Health and Safety, Purchasing and Marketing.

Mike enthused, “Personally to be given the opportunity to take on the Operations Director role and be part of the continuing success of SignFab’s journey is the pinnacle of my working career and a role that I will relish”.

Steve Muton will be moving into the role of Production Director. Steve is the perfect example of our theory of promotion from within, finding talent and giving it the opportunity to grow, having been with SignFab since its establishment in 2001.

Steve said “I have been working with Signfab since the day we started trading, seeing the company grow into such a stable and positive workplace over the years. My roles have allowed me to be involved in so many fantastic products.

The Signfab commitment to you is to maintain providing you with a high quality, reliable service, along with safe products at all times. While we maintain our core philosophy of client confidentiality

Carl added, “For Signfab, 2018 is all about making our service the best it can be and focusing on quality. I am adamant that the new structure of management and supervisors throughout the organisation will succeed in giving the sign industry a trade supplier that is fully competent and who can deliver every expectation.”

For me personally, the last 17 years have been an incredible journey. I could not be more proud in the way we have all evolved and grown during those years. However, this next phase of the company development is as exciting as anything before it. We have a truly excellent team of staff, customers and suppliers going into 2018.”