Machine Room

The machine room at SignFab is the next step after CAD on the fabrication journey through our works. It is the home to our state of the art laser, CNC routers, but most importantly the group of expert and committed staff who keep the machinery and pace of production in check.
The department is run by Brent Dalby, who has been with SignFab for over 10 years. He runs a team of six members of staff. They programme, monitor and quality control check over 400 components a day through the department.
Each member of the team is multi-skilled and either responsible for a process, or the precise and efficient running of a designated machine.

The machine room team has the ambition to be the most efficient department at SignFab. They have minimal downtime on the machinery, with the flow of work driven by a high intensity of workload produced by the CAD department. A goal that the team are set, is to achieve over 30-bed changes on the laser and 40 sheet changes per day on each CNC router – something they manage superbly.

Did you know?
The first laser (back then called the ‘Optical Master’) was patented by Bell Labs on 22nd March 1960. It was 40 years after Max Planck, a Nobel prize-winning physicist made the initial groundwork, paving the way for modern day lasers. If you are interested in the history of the laser, why not read this article by Melinda Rose? Click here to read A History of the Laser: A Trip Through the Light Fantastic.

Our laser at SignFab obviously evolved from the 119 years of research and development, which was started by Max Planck and Bell Labs with their Optical Master. It produces the highest quality signage possible.
The Amada LCG-3015 CO2 Laser processes sheet material with cutting speeds of a staggering 35 metres per minute.
SignFab Production Director, Steve Muton (who started his career at SignFab in the Machine Room) constantly works closely with our Research and Development team, to push our laser and routers to the limits to get the best quality cut, in the fastest time possible.

In addition to our laser, the machine room plays host to a number of CNC routers which still have a valid place in modern sign making. They are the true workhorses and fully support our laser. For example materials such as Copper and Brass cannot be cut on the laser and must be cut on the CNC machines.
The speeds of the routers are as impressive as the laser with our AXYZ Z series machines cutting 2mm Brass at 0.5 metres a minute, and 0.9mm Copper at 5 metres per second.

Here at SignFab, we are truly at the cutting edge of Sign Making in the UK, the combination of expert and experienced staff, coupled with our commitment to investing in technology really does make us the #homeoftradesignage.
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Check out our Machine Room Playlist on YouTube to see the department in action, or why not listen to the #SignFabSoundtrack for the Machine Room team, click here to listen to their Spotify playlist